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Australian radio and TV stations

If you want a list of all Australian radio or TV stations, including their frequencies and power outputs, these are available on the Australian Broadcasting Authority Website. In particular, for radio go here, and for TV go here.

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Keeping off the radio

Perhaps it was a mistake, but today I turned down doing a radio interview. Seems someone over in Western Australia had published an article on this most exciting topic: cleaning your hi fi. I had to ask for clarification from … Continue reading

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‘S-video outputs are not necessarily better than composite’

So says high-end cable maker AudioQuest (go here, enter the site, choose ‘Cable Theory’ and then page through to ‘2/10’ — oh I hate sites that rely on Flash Media for their entire content, rather than easily linkable HTML). ‘Necessarily’ … Continue reading

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Latest Home Entertainment Dictionary update

A few more tens of hours, and a few more entries in the Dictionary of Home Entertainment. There are now 311 entries there, but I must confess that 77 of them offer little more in the way of explanation than … Continue reading

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Magical speaker cables

Numbers Watch, which should be on the required reading list of anyone interested in the statistics constantly flung out by the media, draws attention to ‘a speaker cable with an integrated battery’ that apparently costs ‘just over ten thousand dollars’ … Continue reading

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Pioneer’s new Australian line-up

Pioneer Australia is flying me down to Melbourne tomorrow for the release of its new product line up. The company is strong in Plasma displays and DVD players, although its budget DVD Audio/SACD DV-655A is a disappointment (no real setup … Continue reading

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AIX 8200: not quite a DVD-Audio test disc

Well, I remain on my so-far fruitless search for a DVD Audio disc with useful audio test signals. I had my hopes up for the AIX 8200 Start Here disc, which I just bought today from Rockian Trading for a … Continue reading

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InstaPundit notices Lileks noticing Sony

Things go in circles. InstaPundit comments on Lileks’ comments on Sony, and adds some observations of his own on Canon video cameras. As it happens, video cameras are not my strong point. I’ve only reviewed a couple over the years … Continue reading

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Lileks notices Sony … and Sony suffers

The Bleat is a regular stopping point for me. As a professional writer myself, it brings me back to earth to read James Lileks, a writer who is, oh, at least three orders of magnitude better. Fortunately he doesn’t write … Continue reading

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A bit of activity

Well, last month this Web site scored a total of just under 4,400 visits, with 6,200 page views. The visits were up by 100% over the previous month and page views by around 50%. The most popular content pages (ie. … Continue reading

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