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Sony low noise SDXC memory card

I need add nothing to this: From buy cheap kamagra online

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Magic digits

I’ve just been thoroughly berated by the proprietor of a website called ‘The Advanced Audiophile Press‘. He (I assume) did not like my remarks on Peter Belt’s various nostrums for improving the sound of audiophile gear. I have responded to … Continue reading

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½ a decibel louder

I rather like audiophile music brands. It’s nice to have recordings captured with integrity, often with higher than usual resolution, sometimes with surround sound. I like Blue Coast Records for just that reason. I’ve downloaded one of its DSD files … Continue reading

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Rocks and the people who sell them

I was going to write something nasty about a device called The Exorcist from a company called The Gryphon. But I’ve had mine for quite a few years, so I thought I’d better check if it was still a current … Continue reading

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Can you even hear SACD/DVD Audio improvements?

Incidentally, while researching my piece on SACD, I came across a recent study in which double blind tests were conducted to determine whether people could pick between SACDs and DVD Audio discs on the one hand, and the same discs … Continue reading

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Burning In

Brian Dunning’s usually excellent Skeptoid podcast this week contains a blooper on the subject of burning in equipment. This podcast was a collection of short answers to student questions, one of which was: Hello Brian, my name is Julian and … Continue reading

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Disproving cable claims?

A while back I wrote to the Australian Skeptics regarding its $100,000 prize. It offers this to anyone who can prove capable, under agreed protocols, to perform some actual paranormal task. For example, divining water, moving stuff through the power … Continue reading

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And we have a mechanism!

I have been asked whether Mr Hughes, author of the loopy pamphlet ‘A Decade of Tuning Tips (Part 2)’, has given any explanation as to why putting a piece of paper under one leg of a couch, or snipping the … Continue reading

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A Decade of Tuning Tips (Part Two) – 3

Oh, I’ve been so terrible. I was chatting to someone today and whinging about the British hifi media of the 1980s, only to remember that I had failed to follow up on a series of posts started a couple of … Continue reading

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A Primer on Scientific Testing

In comments recently there has been a discussion about such things as double blind testing. I’ve recently been listening to back issues of the Skeptoid podcast, and as it happens, Episode 13 is entitled ‘A Primer on Scientific Testing’. This … Continue reading

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