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The Flexible Brain

A couple of months ago I remarked on the misformatted picture of Saddam Hussein: What is interesting is that the distorted image is still recognisably Hussein. The image processing and facial recognition circuitry in the human brain is truly an … Continue reading

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The Economic way of looking at things

David Friedman, a scholar in law and economics, has published several fascinating books over the years including one of my favourites: The Machinery of Freedom. His latest (next?) book, Future Imperfect, is available on the Web in draft form, complete … Continue reading

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Film ratings, a private alternative

When I was a student at Sydney University in 1976/77 I heard over the air waves for the very first time the F word. It was broadcast on the student-run low-powered experimental University radio station. And its broadcast was somewhat … Continue reading

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Star Wars finally to come to DVD

It has taken forever, seemingly, but the release of the first three (in chronologically filmed-time terms) Star Wars movies onto DVD has been announced. The date is set for September this year. Here’s part of what the press release has … Continue reading

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Philips backs recordable DVDs in a big way

The Australian arm of electronics giant Philips says that it won’t be selling VCRs any more. Philips seems to be the first of what will eventually be many makers pulling out of the field, although I expect that it won’t … Continue reading

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I’m back, plus a beaut link

What can I say? Sorry. But now the kids are back at school so I’ll try to be a bit more regular here. For those interested in the evolution of audio systems used in cinemas, have a look at Nick’s … Continue reading

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