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Cyberlink PowerDVD irritations

A few minutes ago I was about to prepare a post, and this involved grabbing a couple of screen shots from websites to illustrate my points. But the Windows PrtScn and Alt-PrtScn snapshot facility wouldn’t work, or at least wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Another 3D TV

Today I received the fifty inch Panasonic plasma 3D TV. Obviously I’m doing reviews, so most of my observations belong to those, rather than here. But I would like to note that using the same test disc, there is much, … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of M Night Shyamalan

I was going to entitle this post ‘The Fall of M Night Shyamalan‘, but he actually made a couple of movies before The Sixth Sense. Yesterday my brother and I were discussing the disappointment of The Happening (to be fair, … Continue reading

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DVDs and Blu-rays To Die For

(Bumped to the top with this update.) Are there any movies that you would really like which, inexplicably, never appear to have been released on DVD in Australia? One that I love is To Die For, the 1995 comedy crime … Continue reading

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HD DVD Giveaway

I have quite a few HD DVD discs which I have since replaced with Blu-ray discs. Would any of you like them? No charge, except possibly for the postage, if it seems a bit pricey. Here’s what I have available: … Continue reading

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Motion Adaptive video processing

Want to know what it all means? My recent Sound and Image article, with pictures showing it in action, is here.

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