I wonder if there could be a good market for a certain type of HDMI splitter.

The scenario I have in mind is this: you have a high end home theatre receiver from a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t support 3D video passthrough (ie. 1080p24 frame packed). What you would like is to have a splitter that you use with your 3D Blu-ray player. You plug the player into the splitter’s input. You plug one of the splitter’s outputs into a 3D TV or projector, and the other into a non-3D home theatre receiver. That way you can get both 3D and the highest quality audio available on a Blu-ray disc.

But this depends on what information the splitter conveys from the display/s back to the source. If it passes back to the source the fact that one of the devices (the A/V receiver) does not support 24(FP) video, then the player will not output that.

I’ll start asking around


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4 Responses to Splitters!

  1. adrian says:

    There is such a device – the DVDO EDGE 🙂

    It’s a bit more expensive than a pure splitter, but does a whole lot more too. It get’s firmware updates periodically and one of the latest ones introduced 3D pass through and it has capability to send video one way and audio another.

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    Hi Adrian, I reviewed the DVDO Edge a few years back and was impressed with its potential, but with the then current firmware it was a dog to use. Hopefully they’ve now addressed those issues.

  3. Craig says:

    Or use the PS3’s FORCE 24p output mode. That’s what I use to feed my 24p capable projector, without my Yamaha receiver being 24p capable.

    The PS3 has three modes to 24p:
    1. Auto
    2. On (Forced)
    3. Off

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