No, the Nazis weren’t the first

Apparently someone has found a couple of half hour 3D movies made by the Nazis back in 1936. Well, what better excuse could there be for expressing one’s amused contempt for America?

This occurs in the UK lefty newspaper The Guardian in what should be a straight forward news story: ‘Nazi 3D films from 1936 discovered‘. It turns out that 1936 was, gasp, fifteen or so years before the initial heyday of Hollywood 3D. ‘Mora believes the existence of the 35mm Nazi films confirms the Germans were decades ahead.’

That statement appears immediately following the paragraph which notes that some 3D film won the 1936 Oscar for best short film. What 3D film? Why, an American one!

So the article accidentally destroys its own thesis.

But how hard is it to do a bit of research? Two minutes in Wikipedia discloses that there are 18 known 3D movies made before 1936. And none of them were made in Germany.

So where were they made? Well, honours goes to France for the first one, all the way back in 1903. Two others were also French.

Two don’t have national origins listed, but since they are called ‘New York City’ and ‘Grand Canyon’, I might be prepared to hazard a guess as to their origin.

The other 13, including the Oscar-winner, are all listed as being made in the US of A.

But, of course, it’s worth ignoring facts in order to have a little dig.


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  1. alebonau says:

    interesting Stephen, 3D really has some interest going back. never fail to notice “stereoscopes and the likes in musuem visits. With movies such as the french ones and new york city, grand canyon etc, do you know if they preserve these in any way ? I can imagine it would be quite something to see a 3D movie back from the 1900 ‘s ?

    perhaps needs some restoration but can imagine some interest for something like that released as a 3D BD ? or atleast shown at musuem for wider viewing 🙂

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