A little IMDB treasure

The movie review section of the Internet Movie Database is often quite interesting. One of the reviews seems to be picked up randomly for the main page of a movie. Some of these seem to be from people spruiking the wonders of the movie in question. Often, if you click on the author link, you will find this the only review ever written by that person.

‘lazarillo’, though, is the opposite. I’ve never seen anything like it. His list of reviews is over 900 long and mostly concerns B and C grade exploitation films of one kind or another, with a big emphasis on the 1970s. Read a few and you’ll see that this guy can write quite well, and is a master of the genre. And he has done all these reviews since March 2004. In some periods there were reviews every day for lengthy periods.

Where did he get the time?

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  1. Mark says:

    Something Weird specialises in these films. I have a few but don’t expect any form of restoration or remastering.

    The best one I have is The Acid Eaters + Weed : Special Ed. The Acid Eaters is total rubbish but Weed is this brilliant doco on pot made in the early 70s. They travel all over the world including wartime Vietnam looking at its usage.

    One of the things that most interests me in these films is the setting. Being low budget they are shot on public street, parks, etc so you get to see what US cities really looked like in that period rather than the Hollywood image.


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