Not All Cover Art is Equal

Here are two screen photos of some cover art. Same TV. Same graphic embedded in the same MP3 file streamed via DLNA from the same Android phone. The only difference was which DLNA client device was producing the on-screen display:

Cover art - a respectable job

Cover art - a terrible job

You’ll have to read the next issue of Sound+Image to find out which clients produced which image.

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2 Responses to Not All Cover Art is Equal

  1. Simon Reidy says:

    You giant tease! 🙂

    I’ll be picking up that issue for sure, as its an area of great interest. I’m always experimenting with streaming video standards, and testing various clients using DLNA & Airplay (and soon via Googlecast when I get my hands on Google’s new Chromecast dongle). Look forward to reading about your findings.

  2. Before I forget: the top is the cover art displayed by the Oppo BDP-103AU Blu-ray player, running as a DLNA client. The bottom is from a top end Yamaha CX-A5000 pre-amp/surround processor. It’s pretty much the same for all Yamaha receivers capable of displaying cover art. But not to single out Yamaha, it’s pretty much the same for all the other brands too.

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