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A place worth checking for DVI cables and information

International Dynamics has drawn to my attention the DVI Gear Web site at which various DVI cables may be bought. Better yet, follow the ‘Learn About DVI’ link to find some excellent material (some quite technical) on DVI and HDCP.

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So, how good is the picture from DVI?

Here are my thoughts on the improvements provided by a DVI interface from DVD, compared to component video from the same DVD player. I’ve lifted these from my forthcoming review of the Marantz DV8400 DVD player which will appear in … Continue reading

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DVI-D hits the mainstream with Samsung

A Samsung DVD-HD938 DVD player turned up today (with confusing model numbers, it seems to be variously known as DVD-HD938, DVD-HD937 and DVD-HD935). This is significant in two ways. Apparently the price is going to be quite low (I believe … Continue reading

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DVI wobbles

I’m presently working on a review of the InFocus ScreenPlay 5700 projector — a widescreen model aimed squarely at the PAL market since it uses Texas Instruments’ 1,024 by 576 pixel ‘Matterhorn’ DMD — for Best Buys. And nice as … Continue reading

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Denon bringing proper mutichannel SACD, and future DVI to these shores

Look forward to the introduction by Audio Products Australia of the Denon DVD-A11 everything* player this month. Recommended retail price: $3,999. I am drawing here on information about what I take to be the equivalent US model, the Denon DVD-5900. … Continue reading

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Hurry up Digital Video Interface!

Did you know that the picture quality available from DVD is crippled? And it’s all thanks to the analogue connections. It doesn’t matter whether your DVD player puts out progressive scan or interlaced video, you are not getting all the … Continue reading

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