A Decade of Tuning Tips (Part Two) – 2

Cover of insert Perhaps ‘the worst book ever written‘ was actually the second worst.

A while back I mentioned this little pamphlet, and promised to come back to it. Well, here goes. First, the claim by the author, Jimmy Hughes:

I have experienced every one of these techniques in practice, and can vouch for the effects produced.

This is one reason why I am extremely cautious when it comes to subjective reviewing. And here is one of those techniques:

… put a small piece of plain paper or card (that is, a piece with no writing or printing on it) under one of the feet of any piece of equipment with an even number of support points. You can use this technique very successfully on audio and video equipment, as well as on larger objects like refrigerators. I achieved marvellous results by putting a piece of plain white card under one foot of my sofa and chairs –visitors have often been amazed when I’ve demonstrated the effect on the sound produced by removing the card from under my sofa, and they could not see what I was doing.

I have this vision. Mr Hughes has some friends or acquaintances or relatives in his living room. He does something out of their sight and enthusiastically proclaims that — surely!!! — they can sense the muddiness and sheer lack of tunefulness that his music system now produces, compared to moments before. In the face of his certainty, and his child-like delight, who but a churlish individual such as me could disagree?

If you are thinking about giving this technique — the effect of which Mr Hughes vouches for — a whirl, do remember to make sure that the card you place under the foot of your sofa or chair does not have any writing on it. No one can say what the effects are if there is indeed some text imprinted on the surface. Permanent damage may result.

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