Exciting New Product from Kogan!

I’ve reviewed a few products over the years from direct to consumer importer, Kogan Technologies, and while it tends to attract derision from some of the more obnoxious home entertainment enthusiasts, I reckon it does a decent job providing so-so products at very good prices. Occasionally, as with its first Blu-ray player, it does something pretty ground shifting.

And now it has a new product, something I would never have expected from an Australian business. It’s called the Kogan Portector.

And its a comedy, taking on the Australian Federal Government’s silly desire for Internet filtering. It’s all explained in this YouTube video.

Bravo Kogan!

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One Response to Exciting New Product from Kogan!

  1. treblid says:

    Derision, obnoxious and enthusiasts used in a single sentence. No wonder you do this for a living. lol.

    The video is indeed very funny. Portector; Con & Roy; threat count = thread count; net full of holes; online for $2,999; Kevin 37; the two chaps. And yet, strange as it may seem, they’re still going ahead.

    All the policies I like are not going ahead (or at a snail pace, e.g. NBN), and the policy I don’t like at all (net filter) still gets the go ahead. 🙁

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