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For a while I’ve been writing review of Blu-ray discs for Sound and Image magazine. I’ve started loading them onto this site at ‘Blu-ray Reviews‘. I expect to have quite a few up over the next couple of weeks.

Some time back I did a blog item about 1:1 Pixel Mapping. As I mentioned in that item, in the end I spun it off into a full article to be published in Sound and Image. It was so published, and now I’ve uploaded it onto this site at ‘Pixel Mapping, or How To Avoid The Beat‘. This makes it easy to provide an explanation when I’m trying to convince various TV distributors that there TVs could benefit from having this ‘feature’.

As I was explaining to one yesterday, it isn’t as though the TV has to do anything extra. All it has to do is implement and option to skip picture scaling.

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