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Sony low noise SDXC memory card

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‘can theoretically reach 100,000 Hz’

Here’s something I’d completely forgotten about, or perhaps never known. The ‘Scarlett Book’ for SACD recommended that the high resolution audio be low pass filtered at 50kHz (@-3dB). I was reminded/informed of this by the datasheet for the Cirrus Logic … Continue reading

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Siglent SDG1020 signal generator

So, here’s another signal generator to compare to those I looked at in ‘Noise and distortion in signal generation’. This is the Siglent SDG1020, a dual output 20MHz, arbitrary waveform model. It uses 14 bits of resolution apparently. Here’s its … Continue reading

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The Magic of Dither

(I have written an article for Australian HI-FI suggesting that a good way to start to understand the differences between 16 and 24 bit audio is to listen to the differences between 8 bit and 16 bit audio. To that … Continue reading

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You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get

Last year I reviewed the Western Digital TV Live media box for Sound+Image, along with a bunch of other media boxes, and I gave it high marks, not the least because of its ability to handle high resolution audio. For … Continue reading

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Noise and distortion in signal generation

So this is interesting. Apparently, according to the fairly sparse specifications , the Velleman HPG1 signal generator uses a ten bit DAC, which suggests a fairly high noise floor. I figured I’d measure it to provide this blog with … Continue reading

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Analogue vs Digital signal generation

In 1997, just starting out on this writing stuff, I decided I needed an audio signal generator. Off-the-shelf ones, to the extent that they were available at all, were way too expensive for me. However back in those days there … Continue reading

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Digital Show and Tell

Anyone who is interested in understanding any of the nuts and bolts of digital audio will appreciate this video. Anyone who wants to have any kind of informed opinion about how digital audio sounds, its merits and limitations, should also … Continue reading

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iTunes for Windows, perhaps the strangest solution ever

iTunes has been getting increasingly creaky on my Windows 8.1 computer. The first symptom was that after Windows had been running for a while it would fail to refresh my podcasts, even when I manually told it to. ‘[F]or a … Continue reading

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Freeview Plus at last!

This morning Freeview announced that Freeview Plus is launching on 2 September, or in fewer than four weeks. At last! The main thing it will offer is an enhanced electronic program guide with a search facility but buy levitra … Continue reading

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