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Disproving cable claims?

A while back I wrote to the Australian Skeptics regarding its $100,000 prize. It offers this to anyone who can prove capable, under agreed protocols, to perform some actual paranormal task. For example, divining water, moving stuff through the power … Continue reading

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And we have a mechanism!

I have been asked whether Mr Hughes, author of the loopy pamphlet ‘A Decade of Tuning Tips (Part 2)’, has given any explanation as to why putting a piece of paper under one leg of a couch, or snipping the … Continue reading

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A Decade of Tuning Tips (Part Two) – 3

Oh, I’ve been so terrible. I was chatting to someone today and whinging about the British hifi media of the 1980s, only to remember that I had failed to follow up on a series of posts started a couple of … Continue reading

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Death on Oz?

Incredible! I’m listening to a recent episode of the Skeptoid podcast, this one on Hollywood myths. It turns out that some people actually believe that the suicide of a Munchkin was recorded on film in The Wizard of Oz. Brian … Continue reading

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The many faces of 3D

If anything demonstrates how our senses provide us with a useful abstraction of the world, rather than a photographic image, it is surely the various 3D technologies now proliferating. The sensation of 3D is a weird thing. At some engine-room … Continue reading

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The Loudness Wars

The previous post, Greg Borrowman made reference to ‘The Loudness Wars’ and gave a small explanation. But he has now drawn my attention to a very useful little video that explains what this means in practice. It is here, and … Continue reading

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Tilting the lens on The Social Network

The other night I watched The Social Network on Blu-ray, and soon I’ll be writing a review of it. But I wanted to highlight here one brief part of it: a section starting around 84 minutes into the movie, called … Continue reading

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The imaginary world of colour

Colour is a construct of the mind. Out in the real world what we perceive as colours is simply a small subset (less than an octave) of the wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Evolution has endowed us with a mechanism … Continue reading

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Imputing meaning to nothing

Lately I’ve been going through the oeuvre of Brian Dunning, specifically his Skeptoid podcasts. As I’ve previously noted, I think he probably does the highest quality skeptical stuff on the web, and a lot of his podcasts are on things … Continue reading

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The brain/eye mechanism at work again

Here is an excellent video, from Quirkology author Richard Wiseman, illustrating an aspect of the blind spot in the human eye that I’d never before thought of. Go and have a look, and then come back here. The new wrinkle … Continue reading

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