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Panasonic’s ancient history

Right now I’m sitting on the Bullet Train shooting from Osaka to Tokyo. This morning was spent doing Panasonic stuff. This afternoon was spent doing Panasonic stuff. Oh, and so will tomorrow morning. But tomorrow arvo we get released for … Continue reading

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Reporting from Osaka …

Well, here in Osaka, Japan, the Royal Pines Hotel has free high speed Internet if you have a network connection. At least, it’s reasonably high speed if it works at all, as it did last night and does now, but … Continue reading

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On the road

Or, rather, in the air. I’ll be off to Japan for a few days from tomorrow, thanks to Panasonic, where I’ll have an opportunity to go to the CEATEC show (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) in Tokyo. Back Friday. I … Continue reading

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Filming in the right video standards

Thomas writes: I am writing you because of an article you wrote and I feel you have the knowledge that I am seeking.I am wonder if there is a was to have lossless or near lossless conversion from a PAL … Continue reading

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Clean calls

What happens when you put a Nokia 6610 mobile phone through a washing machine cycle? Um, it stops working, as I found out yesterday. Pulled it apart and left it in front of an electric heater for a few hours, … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m famous!

The editor of Appliance Retailer, to which I contribute, sent me down a tape of a show called ‘Wired’ on an Australian pay TV channel, TVSN (Television Sales Network) in which the wired-expert, Carla, was talking about MP3. She quoted … Continue reading

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