Apple iPod Arrogance?

Busy doing reviews of hard disk based portable MP3 players. You know the thing. The Apple iPod and its competition. Except for one small problem.

Apple, here in Australia, has a policy of not providing review samples of the iPod for the purposes of comparative reviews. Only for standalone reviews.

Why? With Apple’s current market dominance, it’s probably not interested in assisting in giving the competition any exposure. From this reviewer’s point of view, though, it simply means that:

  1. iPod is going to miss out on a couple of reviews (actually, three because one of my editors says that we’ll replace a planned iPod standalone review with something else); and
  2. I find myself unable to recommend iPod in preference to, say, the 60GB Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, with which I’m presently mightily impressed.

Market dominance doesn’t last forever. Apple really ought to remember that.

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