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Fantasian hidden content

I’m doing a review of Fantasia/2000 for Australian HI-FI and, consequently, exploring the disc. I tend to do this a little more thoroughly than most, so I discovered some extra content. Some? A huge amount! The disc has the following … Continue reading

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If you like scary movies, I’d recommend Insidious, made by Australian duo James Wan and Leigh Whannell. I’ve just posted its tech details, and noticed the front cover of the US version of the Blu-ray. This notes in promotional terms … Continue reading

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A new move in Blu-ray trailers

I’ve just been analyzing the forthcoming Roadshow Entertainment Blu-ray of the new Jason Stratham action movie, Blitz (available 22 September), and noticed something different. As with many such discs it opens with several trailers. But the trailers aren’t for Blu-ray … Continue reading

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Left eyes and right

If what you see through your left eye alone is further to the left, then it is also further to the rear. What am I talking about? UPDATE 8 August 2011: What I’m talking about is stereoscopic 3D. Look at … Continue reading

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Metropolis … Reconstructed … Restored … Blu-ray

Metropolis is one of those movies the absence of which necessarily renders any movie collection incomplete. It may not be all that enjoyable, but it is important, and should be familiar to any film buff. Especially in the most complete … Continue reading

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The Sharp Edge of the Gladiator

Do you have Gladiator on Blu-ray? You should, but only if you get the correct one. The original release was deeply unimpressive. The remastered version, gorgeous. Why the difference? Here’s a clue (original left, remaster right): How do you tell … Continue reading

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Some more Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons, plus a review

I’ve added two more Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons. One is for the vastly underrated Denzel Washington movie The Siege, while the other is for another movie from 1998, Shakespeare in Love, which unaccountably won the Best Picture Academy Award (plus … Continue reading

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On a more positive note …

I’ve put up a couple more Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons: Cool Hand Luke and Falling Down. You will use neither as demo material for the wonder of Blu-ray. Nonetheless, both movies are nicely watchable on Blu-ray — far more so … Continue reading

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Less olden days Blu-ray reviews

Well, in addition to updating my DVD reviews, I’ve been doing my Blu-ray ones. Now you can find the following reviews here: 2012, After.Life, the Blu-ray 3D version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Forrest Gump, Gamer, In the … Continue reading

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The Fifth Element on Blu-ray

I have a Blu-ray test disc of The Fifth Element to whoever, with an Australian postal address, first asks for it in comments. This was the original Sony release in Australia of the movie (it is now handled by Madman … Continue reading

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