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Death on Oz?

Incredible! I’m listening to a recent episode of the Skeptoid podcast, this one on Hollywood myths. It turns out that some people actually believe that the suicide of a Munchkin was recorded on film in The Wizard of Oz. Brian … Continue reading

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The next big advance?

So it turns out that Peter Jackson is shooting his Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, in 3D and at 48 frames per second. Virtually all filming for cinema is done at 24fps of course, and one of the … Continue reading

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No, the Nazis weren’t the first

Apparently someone has found a couple of half hour 3D movies made by the Nazis back in 1936. Well, what better excuse could there be for expressing one’s amused contempt for America? This occurs in the UK lefty newspaper¬†The Guardian … Continue reading

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Metropolis cometh, Buenos Aires version

To say the movie Metropolis is influential would be an understatement. Some 84 years old, it still scores 8.4, putting it at #94 on IMDB’s Top 250 list. Last week a new episode of Futurama (‘The Mutants Are Revolting‘)¬†was on … Continue reading

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I’ve just emailed off my review of the Blu-ray release of Disney’s 1940 classic, Fantasia, for publication in Australian HI-FI. But so much to write about and only 400 words available. I didn’t even get to mention the censorship. In … Continue reading

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Getting more puritanical

I have just received the Blu-ray version of Easy Rider from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Thanks Sony! One immediate and obvious difference from the DVD: this disc is rated MA rather than the M at which my DVD copy is … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom wins lots of AFI awards – comparison up

I’ve got to admit that I’m no great fan of Australian movies, even so-called iconic ones. But I really enjoyed Animal Kingdom, even though it was a little dour. The excellent plot was the key for me, while the performances … Continue reading

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Hollywood sexism

Jennifer Dudley, tech journo boss for several News Limited newspapers (and a former editor of mine), has an interesting post up on The Courier Mail’s Hi-Tech Blog. Basically, she points out, the film The Social Network fails to depict any … Continue reading

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Edith Piaf lives!

Well, kinda. When I went to see Inception at the cinema a month or two ago, I recall thinking at one point: is that Edith Piaf singing? I was ambivalent, because while it sounded like her, it also sounded too … Continue reading

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20 Years of IMDB

I just noticed that the Internet Movie Database is claiming that it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on 17 October this year. That surprised me. Back then, the Web was still some ten months in the future. Anyway, it … Continue reading

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